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Amon Miyamoto


Born on January 4th, 1958 in Tokyo. Amon has directed productions in various genre; musicals, straight plays, opera and kabuki and is well known both in Japan and overseas. He was the first Asian director to have his production presented on Broadway with PACIFIC OVERTURES (2004). The production received 4 Tony Award nominations. He received Matsuyo Akimoto Prize of Asahi Performing Arts Awards in 2005 for his direction of INTO THE WOODS. In January 2011, Amon stage adapted Yukio Mishima’s novel THE TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN PAVILION, which was presented at Kanagawa Arts Theatre as their opening production of the new venue. In August 2013, he directed his first kabuki production ABKAI (starring Ebizo Ichikawa). In September of the same year, he directed the opera THE MAGIC FLUTE (by Mozart) in Austria. His other works include, FANTASTICS, SWEENEY TODD, MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, WIZ, TERRACE OF THE LEPER KING, DRUM TAO and PRISCILLA.


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